Christina Medina and Thomas Melde started their artistic collaboration in 2003 upon moving to Europe (Graz, Austria) from Canada. From the onset, the works were a tapestry of different cultural influences: Philippine/Asia, German/European and Canadian/North America. The underlying foundation of their work is rooted in their curiosity of the physical body and the capacity to articulate concepts and ideas through the language of movement. Through their collaboration, a distinctly unique voice evolved. @tendance/C.Medina was founded in December 2006 and quickly made an impact for contemporary dance in Graz.

Since its inception @tendance has created both solo and ensemble works. Over the years, a wide range of established and up-and-coming artists from multiple disciplines have collaborated with @tendance supporting the development and the diversity of the works.

In addition, Medina was instrumental in establishing tanzplatzgraz, an information platform specific to Graz dance activities. Such endeavors are important to build an enthusiastic audience for contemporary dance. 

@tendance/C.Medina is supported by: