2 Scan Deep / 2 Scan Deep, too

Measuring of Ideals - Christina Medina and her @tendance-dance company go under the skin and directly into the spinal cord of body ideals in their current piece “2 Scan Deep"
- Christoph Hartner; Kronenzeitung; 26. November 2009

Superficial images of beauty are all around us and we are constantly bombarded with ideals that specifically women should be striving towards. High-gloss magazines, TV and the internet portray a body ideal that most people cannot achieve. The narrative is all about the relationship of the protagonist with the surrounding environment, told in a powerful movement language combined with absurd theatre. The emotional change of the protagonist is amplified through the use of the physical voice design by Mary Ronayne-Keane that places various thoughts and voices directly into the heads of the audience. With a deep sense of dark humour, 2 Scan Deep counterpoints everyday realities and demonstrates the absurdity and contradictory images we are supposed to attain to.

Concept: Christina Medina & Thomas Melde
Choreography: Christina Medina with the dance artists
Sound Art Design: Mary Ronayne (IRL)
Costume Design: Matthias Strahm (CH/A)

2 Scan Deep (Trio)
Dance (Graz): Lindsay Alford (CDN), Koto Aoki (JPN),
Marta Lastowska (A/PL)
Dance (Winnipeg): Lindsay Alford (CDN), Koto Aoki (JPN),
Treasure Waddell (CDN)
Light Design: Sabine Wiesenbauer (A)
Length: Ca. 60 mins

2 Scan Deep, too (Duet)
Dance (Weisenbach): Lindsay Alford (CDN/A), Valentina Moar (I/A)
Dance (Salzburg, Wien):Lindsay Alford (CDN), Koto Aoki (JPN)
Light Design: Eugen Schöberl (A)
Length: Ca. 50 mins.

24./25. November 2009: Dom im Berg, Graz, Austria
25.-27. February 2010:The Rachel Browne Theatre, Winnipeg, Canada
23. July 2011:  theaterTAGE Weissenbach 2.11, Theaterland Steiermark
7 Oct 2011: tanz_house Herbst 2011, tanzhouse herbst Salzburg
26 Nov 2011; TanzKosmos Wien

Den Körper im Laufe der Zeit thematisiert Christina Medina (@tendance) in ihrer Choreografie zu "ScanDeep"...(Die Tänzerin) setzt darin an, ihren Körper als Rohmaterial des Tanzes zu vermessen, ganz so als ob sie versuchen wollte, ihn zu verstehen. Letztlich ist es in diesem wunderbaren Solo aber der Hauch des Herzens auf dem Spiegel der Beobachtung, der den Körper zum Gefäß des Lebens macht."  

-Christoph Hartner; Kronenzeitung; 19.Juli 200