It is not always WYSIWYG

...the “sweetheart” fast becomes a “bitch”... terms of endearment, name calling, cuddling & martial arts are the poles between which the emotional compass swings in the first premiere of the evening. The Tanztheater @tendance claims “it is not always WYSIWYG” and rejects the saying that means “what you see is what you get”. Besides her will for significant meaning, the choreographer Christina Medina finally discovers the irony that is required for a commentary on a world of extreme polarities. With this her and the fabulous dancers (with small redundancies) completed a marvelous throw. 

- Christoph Hartner, Kronenzeitung, 8. Oktober 2010

Words often trigger some form of emotional or intellectual reaction. Conventions immediately attach a qualitative connotation, i.e. “lover” is a good thing, while “bitch” is deemed derogative. Instead of following such conventions the choreography “It is not always WYSIWYG” deliberately tries to re-define the words (and actions) and invites the audience to replace prejudiced labelling by a more detailed observation of the environment.
The main issue is the difference between perception and reality, or how interpretations depend on personal experiences. The choreography provides a (fake) reality that is perceived by the audience, namely the sensory information is received, processed and interpreted. In this choreography the different senses are deliberately stimulated with possibly contradictory information.
The choreography includes the psycho-physical sound design of Mary Ronayne and the light design of Eugen Schoeberl that provide delicate counter-balances to the action on stage. Using the voices of the performers Mary creates a sound scape that stimulates the audience also on a subconcious level. Throughout the choreography the psycho-physical voices continue to emerge and disappear, depending on the action on stage. Using these techniques, the choreography invites the audience (and performers) to constantly reassess their own experiences.

Concept: Christina Medina & Thomas Melde 
Choreography: Christina Medina with the dance artists 
Dance (Oberzeiring): Lindsay Alford (CDN), Koto Aoki (JPN/A), 
Young Na Hyun (JPN/A), Mark Medrano (CDN)
Dance (St. Poelten): Koto Aoki (JPN/A), Ruth Janssen (SCO)
Kun-Chen Shih (A), Manaho Shimokawa (JPN/A)
Sound Art Design: Mary Ronayne (IRL)
Light Design:
Eugen Schöberl (A) 
Costume Design: Matthias Strahm (CH/A) 
Length: Ca. 50 mins. 


6. October 2010: werkstatt 2.10 Festival, Oberzeiring/Austria
20. May 2011: Österreich Tanzt Festival, Festspielhaus St. Pölten/Austria 

It’s not always WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get: This is not not always true, sometimes we only see a fake picture. The @tendance-Tanztheater with Lindsay Alford, Koto Aoki, Young Na Hyun and Mark Medrano presented Wednesday this premiere at the large THEO stage. The choreography was developed by Christina Medina (together with the dancers) in her own choreographic style and with the sound design of Mary Ronayne-Keane. From cuddling and endearment to insults and martial arts, from the change of sweetheart into bitch, WYSIWYG presented it with dance.

-Georg Ainerdinger, Murtaler Zeitung, 14. Oktober 2010