A Line Drawn

A Line Drawn This solo investigates how external influences broaden or limit our horizon; how we define ourselves depending on the environment. Information that needs to be deciphered represents a challenge that finally leads to a deeper understanding. Seemingly abstract concepts for a long time cannot be understood; but if they are combined in a specific way, they define a permanent agreement. The starting point of “a line drawn” is the London Treaty of 1818 - Article II:  

"...a Line drawn from the most North Western Point of the Lake of the Woods, along the forty Ninth Parallel of North Latitude, or, if the said Point shall not be in the Forty Ninth Parallel of North Latitude, then that a Line drawn from the said Point due North or South as the Case may be, until the said Line shall intersect the said Parallel of North Latitude, and from the Point of such Intersection due West along and with the said Parallel shall be...."  

However, parts of the 49th parallel were originally surveyed using astronomical techniques that did not take into account slight departures of the Earth's shape from a simple ellipsoid. In some places the surveyed 49th parallel is as much as several hundred feet from the actual geographical 49th parallel. Where is then the point? The solo surveys themes of integration, exclusion and communication. 

Concept: Christina Medina & Thomas Melde
Choreographer and Dancer: Christina Medina
Music/Text: The Whites, Convention of London 1818-Article II;
Lights: Sabine Wiesenbauer
Costume: Vibeke Andersen
Length: Ca. 35 mins.

Research Assistants: Anna Majder, Vera Neubauer
Residency provided by Dance Identity/Liz King.

Jan. 31, 2009: Graz; Choreographic Platform Austria
Sept. 11, 2008: Graz; bestOff Styria
May 1, 2008: Oberwart; 3. Burgenländische Tanzwochen
Apr. 13, 2008: Graz; TanzSchrittWeise
Feb. 8-9, 2008: Edmonton; Expanse Movement Arts Festival
Feb. 7, 2008: (Premiere) Edmonton; Expanse Movement Arts Festival 

Der rechtliche Text steht in krassem Widerspruch zur offensichtlichen Verwirrung, mit der sich die Tänzerin im Raum bewegt, von einer Ecke in die andere hetzt, sich von oben die Richtung diktieren lässt. Ein verrückt gewordenes Navi-System? Das Scheitern des Individuums vor rechtsstaatlichen Vereinbarungen? Vielleicht. Medinas gewohnt emotionale und eindringliche Tanzsprache zerschellt am abstrakten Ansatz." 
-Edith Wolf Perez; 07.05.2008; Tanz.at