am I am

The jury unanimously agrees that a strong concept forms the foundation of this work. Skillfully crafted and performed with great integrity and style, creator and dancer literally merged into one, offering us (as the audience) a unique and deeply moving dance experience. - Jury Laudatio 

- Awarded 1st Prize Choreography
10th. Internationale Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival

- Bruno Heynderickx (Performer, Assistant of Rui Horta) 
- Jan Kodet (Teacher/Choreographer - Nat. Theater Ballet Prague) 
- Erich Payer (Former Ballet Director of Theater Augsburg) 
- Sonia Santiago-Brückner (Former First Soloist with Stuttgart Ballet) 
- Samuel Wuersten (AD of Rotterdam Dansacademie & Holland Dance Fest.) 

"And the queen gave birth to a child who was called Asterion." The solo is loosely based on Jorge Luis Borges' "The House of Asterion". The Minotaur Asterion chooses to stay inside his labyrinth -a world of imagination and deception- and waits…  

The solo explores various points of views, from the Queen Pasiphaë, from Asterion (the Minotaur) and the Gods who decide their destinies. It also explores their perceptions of each other and how this influences their actions. The dramaturgy is also extended to the lighting design. The audience observes the creation of the labyrinthine world as the lights are used to mirror the development of the characters on stage. Never sitting in a complete black out, the audience and interpreter begin and end in the same place. The original music score, composed by Shirley Grierson further reflects the duality in the characters and was described to be a “…minimalistische(s) Musikkonzept im Stil Saties”, – Brigitte Jähnigen; Stuttgarter Nachrichten (Mar 2006)

Concept: Christina Medina & Thomas Melde
Performer: Christina Medina
Music: Shirley Grierson (Commission - am I am)
Lights: Christina Medina, Thomas Melde
Costume: Gerhild van Scharrel, Christina Medina, Thomas Melde
Length: Ca. 12 mins. 


Dec. 15, 2007: Winnipeg; 30th Anniversary Gala - Alumni;
School of Contemporary Dancers Professional Program
Nov. 16, 2007: Graz; Elements, @tendance inaugural Gala 
Nov. 18, 2006: Nürnberg - Tafelhalle 
Nov. 17, 2006: Mindelheim - Theaterforum 
Nov. 16, 2006: Gauting - Theaterforum 
Nov. 15, 2006: Augsburg - Kulturhaus Abraxas 
Nov. 12 and 13, 2006: Regensburg - Tanztage Festival 
Nov. 10 and 11, 2006: Stuttgart - Rotebühlplatz 
Oct 16-17, 2006: Calgary; Fluid Festival 
Mar 17+19, 2006: Stuttgart; 10. Int. Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival 

"Charming she was indeed. And strong. Though girlish and shy as the translucent piano whiffs, she holds herself like royalty. She switches idioms from warrior to lost child, from queen to cat. A mistress of light and a servant of a higher calling..." 

- Dance Europe May 2006; Katja Werner 

"Precise, fluent, subtle transitions together with an effectively directed lighting dramaturgy and her virtuosity in dealing with the literary theme were rewarded (with the 1st Prize in Choreography)" 

- Augsburger Allgemeine - March 21, 2006; Renate Baumiller-Guggenberger 

"Also the Canadian Christina Medina was looking for a way to inner peace in a minimalistic music concept in the style of Satie. Quiet repetitive piano sounds, umbilical cord pulses, rainfalls, searching, aggression-free movements: Elegance and harmonry were chosen by the jury for the first prize in choreography." 

- Stuttgarter Nachrichten; - March 21, 2006; Brigette Jänigen

"Ein tief bewegendes, starkes, kreativ umgesetztes Konzept"  

"A deeply moving, strong, creatively realized concept." 

- Stuttgarter Zeitung (Mar 2006)